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There are 14 individually managed Secure Children’s Homes throughout England and Wales encompassing a range of services within a secure environment that support the individual needs of the children in its care. They provide placements for boys and girls aged between 10 and 17 and include full residential care, educational facilities and healthcare provision.

Secure Children’s Homes (SCH) care for vulnerable young people in a high quality, safe and therapeutic environment. Each of the 14 homes operates with a high staffing ratio; the overarching aim is to encourage residents to develop a range of personal skills, supported by changes in behaviour and attitude that will enable individuals to manage safely and responsibly on exit. SCH are subject to twice yearly inspection by Ofsted according to criteria within in the Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF).



Each home supports its residents to engage in learning through formal on-site education. Initial assessments ensure young people make good progress from their starting points, they gain qualifications and experience that will support their training and employability prospects on exit. Education is inspected annually according to specific guidance within the SCCIFspects on exit. Education is inspected annually according to specific guidance within the SCCIF.



Young people resident in SCH present with complex histories and often display challenging behaviour and many have experienced significant trauma. All homes offer residents input from a range of mental health and associated professionals to build self-esteem and equip young people with strategies to enable their successful reintegration into the community. The Health provision is subject to an annual CQC inspection as part of the wider home inspection.


The Secure Accommodation Network


SAN’s key objectives are to provide support, guidance and advice to Secure Childrens Homes in order that they can grow and develop a range of trauma aware and psychologically informed integrated care, health and educational services and interventions that meet the individual assessed needs of young people placed within an environment in which their liberty is restricted due to welfare concerns (as identified within sec 25 Children Act 1989/2004 or the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014) as well as those subject to criminal proceedings or outcomes.

SAN also provides guidance, good practice examples and data on the effectiveness of SCH’s in terms of educational attainment, behavioural change and reduced offending recidivism rates as well as advising local authorities, local authority safeguarding panels, government agencies and government non-executive bodies on policy, procedure, care, health and education developments with secure children’s homes.

The elected Core Group of SAN (SCH Managers) lead and oversee the business of the organisation in order to ensure that it remains compliant with “what works principles”, restorative approaches as well as adhering to our principles and values of being child focused and friendly. The core group consists of:

  • Francis N’Jie (Chair) Leeds,
  • Kate Herod (Vice Chair) Nugent Care,
  • Ali Sykes (Treasurer) South Gloucestershire,
  • Tony Quinn (Secretary) Hampshire,
  • Gill Laird (Education Lead) Leeds,
  • Aileen Conlon (Education Advisor) Durham
  • Paul Brodie (Policy and Workforce Development Lead) Northumberland.





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